Thus, we pay tribute to the traditions and the make an attempt to follow the fashion of the past.
     You may also ask me why “Style”. It is style that originates space transformation in accordance with an ideal image based on professionalism, trust, punctuality and rigid adherence to rule harmony. The interior should correspond to your personality and your inner world. Undoubtedly, any interior should have energy and life. Your interior should live with you and it should reflect your way of life.
     An designer has a possibility to realize aesthetic images of your  “House noble birth” and would take into account all variants of style, color and light in order to make them compatible with your demands and standards. So, we offer repair-and-renewal service, interior design, custom tailoring of curtains and jalousie. 

       Welcome to “HANSA STYLE”!

Who we are

    “HANSA STYLE” is our philosophy of space arrangement.
  The creative Design Studio “HANSA
STYLE”, with its staff of knowledgeable and highly experience, professionals, strives to take up and maintain its place in the world of design of Moscow and Russia.
    You may ask me why “Hansa”. Over the period of the XIV-XVII centuries Hansa united merchants from the towns of North Germany, England, the Netherlands, Sweden and Russia and it was a progressive form of partnership called “Hanseatic League”. 

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